Two firefighters hired

Sworn in at City Hall Monday


Marcos Suarez takes the oath to be a firefighter in Peekskill while Rocco Picciano looks on at City Hall Monday night.

A crowd squeezed into City Hall’s Council Chambers Monday night to see two new firefighters get sworn in.  Peekskill residents Marcos Suarez and Rocco Picciano started as city firemen last week. Both men have been volunteers; Suarez in Peekskill and Picciano in Buchanan.

Fire Chief Jim Seymour spoke about hiring both candidates.  “I asked them a series of questions and I listened to the way they’re answering. I wasn’t focusing so much on the content of what they were saying, but who they were. Not only do we have two good candidates for firefighter, but we have two great people and that’s what I’m looking for. We want great people to add to the firefighter and City of Peekskill workforce,” explained Seymour.

“When a resident picks up the phone and dials 911 we want the very best people who can be trusted to help you in your time of need,” said Seymour. After the families of both men stood for picture taking with the mayor, the new employees and their fellow firefighters filed out of the council chambers.