Democrat Disparaging of Work that Got Her to Current Place

To the editor: 

At the recent primary debate, P4P Council candidate Amy Perlow finished her closing statement by insulting Democratic voters and members of the local Peekskill Democratic Party. Her statement that “Our Democrats in this city have failed to mobilize voters” is untrue, naive, and ignorant of the stronghold the GOP had in Peekskill for over 20 years. Democrats in this city, lead by our very own trailblazer, Drew Claxton, have taken the fight to the GOP year after year since 1999, mobilizing voters and yes, winning elections starting in 2001. The irony of her disparaging remarks is that all the work done and the foundation local Democratic leaders have built in the past 22 years have created the opportunity to have the Democratic Primary  that she is running in. The Peekskill Democrats have been on the front lines of the fight and this election is no different. I urge my fellow Democrats to keep Peekskill moving forward by voting for Vivian Mckenzie for Mayor along with Rob Scott, Ramon Fernandez and Dwight Douglas for Council. 

Marina Ciotti-Hodges District Leader, Peekskill Democrats.