Gun buyback gives up to $250 cash, no questions asked


A community gun buyback event is scheduled for Saturday, April 22 from 10 am to 2 pm at the United Methodist Church,1040 Main Street in Peekskill. Eligible participants will be offered up to $250 in pre-paid gift cards for surrendered firearms with no questions asked. The program is sponsored by the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office, Peekskill NAACP, Peekskill Police Department and the City of Peekskill.

Guns must be unloaded and placed in a plastic bag, paper bag or box. If transported by car, guns must be unloaded and, in the trunk, placed in a plastic bag, paper bag or box. Identification will not be required and no questions will be asked. Participants will be offered money in the form of pre-paid gift cards: $250 for assault rifles, $200 for handguns, $100 for shotguns or rifles, and $25 for non-working guns. Payment is subject to inspection and screening by onsite officials. There is no limit to the number of firearms that can be surrendered. 3-D printed guns are not eligible for the buyback program. Licensed gun dealers and active or retired members of law enforcement are not eligible to participate.

“As the first branch of the national NAACP to have established in Westchester County nearly 90 years ago, the Peekskill NAACP has been leading the fight against violence in our communities while promoting peace and safety for generations. It is meaningful to have valued partners at the Westchester County DA’s Office, Peekskill Police Department and the Peekskill City Mayor’s Office supporting events we have been organizing for decades. We encourage the public to take advantage of this opportunity to safely turn in firearms in exchange for cash said Priscilla Augustin,” president of the Peekskill NAACP.