Campaign ended 50 percent above goal


Our Kickstarter campaign to expand coverage of this news site is ending this afternoon. We exceeded our $5,000 goal by 50 percent which means we’ll be providing in-depth reporting on issues for twelve weeks instead of eight.
This week marks the beginning of the third year of this digital newspaper. My founding of this news site came on the 33rd anniversary of the launch of the print edition of Peekskill Herald that began in 1986 and ended in 2000. After an 18-year hiatus, I was hungering to cover Peekskill again but needed a less labor intensive way than publishing a printed newspaper.
A totally digital platform for a newspaper was as revolutionary in 2019 as was the desktop publishing system we used to produce a newspaper in 1986. But what hasn’t changed is the need for truly local journalism created by people who are invested in the community in which they live.
The newspaper industry is experiencing major earthquakes relating to revenue and sustainability. Papers in small towns and large counties across the country are closing at unprecedented rates and that sad reality has been exacerbated by the pandemic. A new mindset is emerging around the need for community journalism. This mindset is as radical as the technology used to deliver people news these days. Communities that look at local journalism as public institutions that benefit the community they serve will be stronger and more vibrant places to live.
We are heartened by the support our backers showed for local, in-depth, accurate journalism. Peekskill is undergoing rapid change and with such growth comes challenges. Beginning next week, we will be examining and reporting on the issues related to housing, transportation, schools and other areas of life in this small city on the Hudson River. We will also continue to profile people and initiatives that make this community such a true microcosm of the world.
Thank you for the confidence you’ve placed in us. We look forward to continuing the partnership.
By Regina Clarkin & Jim Striebich