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Common Council approves updated tax levies

Delays by County in adopting budget had ripple effects throughout the area
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On April 1, the Common Council held a work session to discuss the collection of 2024 taxes which was not an April Fool’s joke. At the special meeting that followed, the council unanimously passed a resolution to authorize the city comptroller to receive and collect 2024 taxes totaling more than $31 million. This resolution will also authorize the city to bill and collect returned water, sewer, and deferred taxes. 

During the work session, City Comptroller Toni Tracy joined via an online call to discuss the sole agenda item of the evening. Tracy explained that she was seeking approval from the council to collect taxes from property owners according to the 2024 Budgeted City Tax Levy, approved in November 2023.

Councilman Dwight Douglas noted that Westchester County took time to adopt its budget, so Peekskill did not have county levy information until the end of March. City Manager Matt Alexander agreed, “In November we [City of Peekskills] passed the tax levy and we had a full understanding of what our levy was but we did not have the county information yet, so that’s what we’ve added to this.”

In Tracy’s memo to the council, she listed the entities for which the city will be collecting taxes and the respective amounts. They are: Westchester County $5,950,270; County Metropolitan Transit Authority $379,756; County Solid Waste $885,272; County Sewer $3,105,830; City of Peekskill (levy) $19,146,032; Library Fund $1,698,000; Business Improvement District (BID) $100,000; Energize NY $50,285. The total is $31,315,445.

Tracy noted Energize NY is a program allowing some residents/businesses to receive renewable energy funds, and then be taxed later. The Energize NY tax is proportionally split only among those who opted into the program. “It is not taxed on every resident of the city,” said Tracy.

Alexander informed the council that the city had received a question about the BID and how they spent their money last year; he stated that information is available on the Discover Peekskill website. 

Liaison Reports/Concerns and Issues

During liaison reports, Councilman Rob Scott and Councilman Ramon Fernandez spoke on the Herald’s March 30 “Homegrown” event. Scott acknowledged Director of Planning Carol Samol for how she represented the city. Fernandez complimented the discussion from the panel and congratulated Herald Editor Regina Clarkin on the event’s success. 

Councilman Scott gave a parks report, noting that Peekskill’s Annual Parks Clean Up Day is April 20. The sign-up form is available here.

Councilman Douglas noted there are drainage issues at the pickleball courts that the contractor needs to address. 

Councilman Ramon Fernandez congratulated the Peekskill Clean Routine group on its recent clean-up event along Route 9 and South Street. 

Councilman Brian Fassett noted that as of April 1, winter parking regulations are suspended and street sweeping regulations are now in effect. 

Mayor Vivian McKenzie noted that last week the NYS Cannabis Control Board was in town along with other organizations visiting smoke shops. 

About the Contributor
Jeffrey Merchan
Peekskill native Jeffrey Merchan is a 2022 graduate of Peekskill High School. He is the Collegiate Journalist at Peekskill Herald, funded by a grant from the DJ McManus Foundation. He is currently enrolled at Westchester Community College where he is studying journalism. As the inaugural recipient of the McManus grant, he will be covering city government, schools and feature stories with a focus on Peekskill’s growing Hispanic community.