Hospital needs space for rehab, closes Wellness gym

About 300 people will need to find a new gym after NY Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital  announced this week that it was closing its Wellness Center as a result of needs for social distancing throughout the hospital.  The gym has been providing exercise and fitness servicess for the past 17 years to members of the public and employees.  The six employees who staffed the gym will remain employed by NY Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital.
The Hospital has implemented several measures to protect its patients and staff from the spread of the COVID-19 virus, including social distancing requirements throughout the facilities. The closure of the Wellness Center will allow the Hospital to transition this space to meet the growing demand for essential rehabilitation services for patients, while adhering to appropriate social distancing guidelines.
Officials at NYP Hudson Valley said the decision came about because of the ongoing changes in the delivery of health care services and particularly the importance of social distancing protocols. The Wellness closure appropriately meets the safely accommodations of the rehabilitation patients who receive physical therapy, occupational therapy, cardiac rehabilitation and other speciality services
Membership dues already collected for the period starting March 1, 2020 will be refunded by September 1. Dues were not collected for April, May, June and July.