Celebrity from midwest visits Peekskill on the spur of the moment 

Garrison Keillor writes about his trip here


By Regina Clarkin

Garrison Keillor, best known for Prairie Home Companion – the live radio variety show he hosted for some 40 years, writes a weekly newsletter. In his post on April 12 titled, What a little train trip can do, Keillor wrote about a trip he took to Peekskill earlier this month with some friends who were visiting from London.

 “It was a marvelous day, Friday.  We walked under the starry ceiling of the great arcade, (at Grand Central Terminal) in a crowd of amiable people, many of them shooting cellphone video of the scene, and we felt a keen urge to ride the rails and stepped up to the ticket window and boarded a Metro-North commuter train for Peekskill, but one man’s commute is another’s man’s adventure, and off we went, a beautiful sudden impulse.”


This image of Peekskill from above appeared in Garrison Keillor’s column.

 “It’s a gorgeous ride and Peekskill is a lovely little town with a respectable café in the train depot and shops nearby. It is a fine way to get out of the city and look at the big river.”

The Central, a ‘respectable cafe in the train depot’, according to Garrison Keillor.

Keillor is performing at the Paramount Hudson Valley on Sunday, April 30, at 7 p.m.