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Herald named a ‘bright spot’ in national survey


Peekskill Herald was recently named a “Bright Spot” in Northwestern University’s Local News Initiative, a study of more than 9,000 news organizations across the country by the Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications.   

To be included as a Bright Spot, an outlet must have served its local audience with journalism that holds elected representatives and others in power accountable. Peekskill Herald is one of 164 news startups less than five years old. The report illustrated that nonprofits provide all news and information for free but encourage those who value their work to support them as members. “Nonprofit newsrooms extol the virtues of listening to people in the community about the news they need most and about the best ways to deliver that news and information to them.” 

The report shows that local news operations with entrepreneurial owners and community support have a much better chance of developing sustainable news models. 

“It is nice to be noticed and we’re honored to be recognized for the work we do in Peekskill,” said Publisher Regina Clarkin.  “We are grateful that the value we bring to the community is recognized by our readers’ financial contributions.  

The recognition from the national study comes as the Herald’s final fundraising campaign of the year draws to a close. As a non-profit organization, the Herald relies on donations from readers to pay the stipends of the freelance reporters and cover operational expenses that keep the online news site up and running 24/7. Many of the Herald reporters are veteran writers who take a minimal amount for the professional work they create because they believe in the value of a community newspaper. 

“Now is the time to make an online donation to the Herald here, as our fundraising campaign draws to a close on Dec. 31,” said Clarkin.