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Response from St. Peter’s regarding Fred’s Food Pantry


To the editor:

St. Peter’s Church would like to express our thanks for the concerns expressed after the Peekskill Herald’s article on November 14. In 2010, the members and leadership of St. Peter’s Church co-founded Fred’s Pantry with CHHOP in response to the dire need and because we had the capacity and willingness to address the urgent need of people in need of receiving healthy food.

Since April 2020, at no additional cost to CHHOP, we unhesitantly agreed to allow CHHOP to provide additional distribution services on Wednesdays, in light of the needs during the COVID crisis.  We are now negotiating with CHHOP a fair cost share that better reflects the costs attributed to service expansion so that we can go forward together and continue meeting the needs of people within our community.

We thank everyone for their concerns and welcome your continued support of the work of both CHHOP, Fred’s Pantry and St. Peter’s Church.

Happy Thanksgiving – We all have so much to be thankful for.

The Rev. Cheryl Parris

Interim/Priest in Charge, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church