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Peekskill Brewery a real hub of community


To the editor:

Peekskill Brewery is a beloved fixture in this area; it has long been a place not only for people to meet and find a wonderful community in Peekskill, but also to explore and promote the area and all of its attractions. Great music, festivals and clubs have made PB their home, including the PB Run Club and regular dart game nights.

PB has been instrumental in supporting the community in so many ways, including pride celebrations, Oktoberfests and multiple other events to keep the community thriving. Outdoor live music has been a huge draw, especially during COVID. We were able to be together (safely!) to improve our mental health, thanks to PB.

PB has also been the home of so many celebrations within the community: first dates, wedding receptions, birthdays, etc. It would be a shame to lose this vibrant hub that has outlasted so many other establishments. As past and present fans of PB, if there is any way we can band together to save PB,we should try to find it.

Hillary Johnson, Montrose resident