Community invited to garden party at Regeneration Farm


The generous earth at Regeneration Farm is the location of a harvest party on Sunday, September 18 from 3 to 6 p.m. This is the second growing season for Regeneration Farm on Main Street behind Lepore Park near Oakside Elementary School. The party honors farmers Josh and Aaron Mosley who are brother, who worked the land this year through the Ecological Citizens project. It’s also an opportunity to welcome Kanav Kathuria who will be working the farm next season.

The party will feature snacks, games and neighbors from the community farm. Regeneration Farm is dedicated to serving the community by providing fresh produce free of cost, a nourishing place for people to gather, and training for those interested in growing and community building.

The following food pantries are working to ensure food security for people in Peekskill: Fred’s Food Pantry run by CHHOP, Faith Food Pantry run by Christ Community Church, Church of the Assumption Food Pantry, Mt. Lebanon Food Pantry, Salvation Army Food Pantry, Church of the Holy Spirit Pantry, Peekskill Seniors Home Meals, Peekskill Hispanic Community Corporation, Peekskill CAP Emergency Food Pantry.