Peekskill Herald 2.0

My formal love affair with Peekskill began 33 years ago today when the Peekskill Herald was launched.  In 1986, January 9 dawned cold with snow on the ground. The image indelibly etched on my mind from that day consists of workers standing around the edge of a loading dock of the South Street post office with my new creation –  the Peekskill Herald  open in front of them reading every line. Meanwhile, bundles of the tabloid sized newspaper waited to be loaded out of a bright red dump truck into postal trays. Since the paper was founded on a $7,000 credit card line by me and my two partners, Kathy Daley and Rich Zahradnik, we relied on friends and family for essential services such as transportation from the printing plant in Wappingers Falls.  My cousin’s husband was enlisted to drive the new publication down to Peekskill since he had a truck big enough for all 10,000 copies. 
The love affair with Peekskill hadn’t abated when the Herald ceased publishing in 2000, but it went fallow for some time because of other life pursuits. A drastically changed communications world has rekindled the spark of romance between me and Peekskill.  This new affair goes by the name of a blog instead of newspaper, Peekskill Herald 2.0. 
My intent is to create some of the features that made the Herald well read and well appreciated: classic photos of the new and old Peekskill, profiles of the fascinating people that live here and solid reporting about what goes on in Westchester’s smallest city that is all of a sudden ‘hip.’
The journey begins…….