First Responders Share Their Gratitude

Some of our police, volunteer firefighters, career firefighters and ambulance corps members tell us what they’re grateful for this Thanksgiving.

By Regina Clarkin

For our annual Thanksgiving feature, we decided to ask those people who are known as  “First Responders” to tell us what they are grateful for from this past year.  When we are helped by police, fire or ambulance personnel, we are often vulnerable or hurt and not in a position to get to know them as they go about their commitment to aiding us. Then they move onto the next call – and frequently we don’t even know their names. 

This photo essay was captured last Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Some were coming off an overnight shift, others had just completed answering a call – but all of them were eager to share what they were grateful for. We as a community are blessed to benefit from their dedication and service.