Webs of Connection Weave Bonds of Community  


Regina Clarkin

The reaction to the death of oboe maker Paul Laubin last month reveals an indisputable truth about community: we are all connected in ways that are difficult to fathom. 
Laubin, an old world craftsman, was toiling away quietly on the upper floor of an old mill building on Central Avenue, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of commerce. Who knew that someone of global renown was in our midst? 
Some five weeks after his death, people continue to express their loss. This was posted on the Peekskill Herald’s Facebook page yesterday by artist Carol Wax:  “The Laubins were the last of the old world’s craftsmen and made the world’s finest oboes. This is a HUGE loss to woodwind communities everywhere.” 
In the New York Times obituary that appeared on March 29 the second paragraph linked to Peekskill Herald’s news story about his death. That link provided a boost to the number of viewers who’ve read our story. As of this post, more than 10,000 people have read about his death on our news site. 
Paul Laubin’s story illustrates an important tenet to be contemplated as a member of a community. It’s by exploring the lives, frequently unsung and unrecognized, of those who share the same space on this planet with us, that we are enriched.