Peekskill’s COVID Stimmy? $2.66 Million


Jim Striebich

The City of Peekskill is slated to receive a federal stimulus payment of $2.66 million as part of the American Rescue Plan Act, the $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill signed into law on March 11th.
The one-time grant can be used to cover COVID-related costs; provide assistance to local residents, businesses and nonprofits affected by the pandemic; support essential workers; cover COVID-related city revenue losses; or “to make necessary investments in water, sewer, or broadband infrastructure.”
According to the new law, the local stimulus checks cannot be used for pension funds, and states cannot use funds to offset tax reductions.
Asked by the Herald how the city might spend its own “stimmy”, Mayor André Rainey responded “The City of Peekskill certainly looks forward to our share of the pie coming down the line. Infrastructure can be improved, vacant staff positions can be filled, and so much more. Regardless, after the hit we’ve taken from the pandemic, whatever use is permitted for the funding, we will surely find a useful way to spend it.”
Westchester County will receive over $187 million in federal relief funds in this round. Peekskill’s neighbor Cortlandt is getting $4.64 million; Yorktown’s check will be $3.98 million; and Ossining expects to receive $4.14 million. The Cortlandt village of Buchanan will receive an allocation from Cortlandt’s grant using a formula that’s still in the works.
The aid amounts to roughly $110 per resident, based on 2019 Census estimates. A list of the expected amounts for all Westchester towns and cities can be found here.