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Letter: Family needs help for funeral costs

Niecey Taylor, left with her daughter Yolanda.

To the editor:  I am reaching out to tell you about the death on May 31 of a wonderful person in our Peekskill community, Niecey Taylor, and to ask for any support you may be able to offer her family for a funeral and cremation.

Niecey had been hospitalized since March, fighting an very rare blood disease known as Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH), a rare and fatal condition in which certain white blood cells build up and damage organs. In her case it led to incurable kidney failure.

In the GoFundMe page her daughter Yolanda, known as Yo-Yo wrote: “The last few months have been extremely rough for myself and my family. I’ve started a fundraiser to collect donations for my mother’s funeral service and end-of-life costs. Please consider donating if you are able to do so. We are so very grateful for every donation during this extremely difficult time.”

Niecey Taylor lived in Bohlmann Towers for 40 years where she was an example of strength, integrity and showed her belief in mutual aid to our community. She was instrumental in organizing a tenant association at Bohlmann and helped other families in Bohlmann, Dunbar, and Turnkey public housing with fundraising for funeral services for their family members.

Many know Niecey because of her daily walks in the downtown with her mentally disabled daughter Kenya, who is a bright light. Kenya collects keys and people who know her always give her keys they aren’t using anymore to add to her collection.  Yolanda will now take guardianship of Kenya who is able to remain in the apartment she shared with her mother. Yolanda feels it’s important for Kenya to experience the viewing and service for Niecey to help her understand the passing of her mother. Any and all donations will be gratefully accepted. If you’d like to donate directly to Curry & Giordano Funeral Home, they are taking contributions in hope of covering all the expenses.

Thank you for this consideration and giving any kind of support to this family. If you know of any social services available too, I would gratefully pass the information on to the family.

Tina Volz Bongar, Smith Street