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Oaxacan artist Eduardo Guzman Valverde debuts “Colores De Mi Tierra” at Sun River Health

Opening reception will celebrate rich Oaxaqueña culture through art and dance performances from El Grupo Folclórico de Poughkeepsie .
Artwork of Eduardo Guzman Valverde via his Facebook page

The Sun River Health Jeannette J. Phillips Community Health Center, located in downtown Peekskill, will host an opening reception of the art exhibition “Colores De Mi Tierra” (Colors of my earth) featuring the work of Oaxacan artist Eduardo Guzman Valverde in the health center’s Atrium on Saturday, May 18 from 2:00 pm until 5:00 pm. This must-see exhibition, only on display for two weeks, from May 18th to June 1st, will captivate audiences by showing rich Oaxaqueña culture and folklore of the eight regions of the state and the traditions of Mexico through paintings. In addition, the opening reception will also feature traditional Oaxaca dances and performances from El Grupo Folclórico de Poughkeepsie. This event marks a significant cultural event in our community.

Eduardo Guzman Valverde, born in Oaxaca, Mexican, in October 1954, is a self-taught artist whose innate passion for painting and artistry has been evident since childhood. His profound creativity manifests through his ability to transmute dreams and ideas into tangible artworks, resonating with the rich folklore of his native land. Valverde’s works are primarily executed in oil on linen, radiating with a kaleidoscope of chromatic brilliance, drawing admiration of diverse audiences. Throughout this illustrious career, he has curated numerous exhibitions exploring various themes, including “The Folklore of My People,” “Rite and Magic,” “Marine Fantasies,” “Music Is…,” and “Between Mixtures.” Valerde’s works have been seen across the North American continent. “Colores De Mi Tierra”, the exhibit that will be displayed in Peekskill, is the same exact art exhibit that graced the walls in December in the Consulate of Mexico in New Brunswick, New Jersey

Eduardo Guzman Valverde

The opening reception featuring traditional Oaxaca dances and performances from El Grupo Folclórico de Poughkeepsie.  brings a piece of the culture of Oaxaca, Mexico to Peekskill by celebrating the unique folklore of Oaxaca, Mexico, a region of Mexico noted for its various indigenous communities. El Grupo Folclórico de Poughkeepsie will be performing traditional dancing, music, and dancers will be dressed in colorful traditional costumes and decorated headpieces. Each costume and dance performance reflects a distinct region of Oaxaca, and each dance has a historical and cultural meaning.

On Wednesday, May 22, 2024 at 6:00 pm, Eduardo Guzman Valverde will present a workshop and demonstration, where you can learn more about his technique and style in the health center’s atrium.

Don’t miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty and traditions of Oaxaca.

For more information regarding the event or to RSVP, reach out to Wilfredo Morel at [email protected].

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