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“The Peekskill Riots” premieres at the Field Library

Local documentarian, Jon Scott Bennett, will debut episode 1 of a 5-part series on The Peekskill Riots this Saturday

It was a hot, humid, sticky typical New York summer night on the evening of August 27 and then again on September 4, 1949. On those two evenings, just about 2.3 miles outside of the borders of Peekskill where Oregon Road, Westbrook Drive and Red Mills Road currently meet at a circle roundabout in Cortlandt, and what native Peekskillians refer to as the Hollowbrook Drive-In, a fierce angry crowd waited for the black singer and political activist Paul Robeson. The hostile crowd lined up and down the road waving American flags, singing patriotic songs, and  holding signs proclaiming “Wake Up America, Peekskill Did.”

It was in this location where violence erupted at not one, but two concerts headlined by Paul Robeson. Residents of Peekskill, and other nearby towns, galvanized by racist and anti-Semitic sentiments and disdain for Robeson’s left-wing views and campaign for civil rights, started two riots that resulted in hundreds of injuries, made national news, and unofficially marked the beginning of the McCarthy/anti-communist era, which ultimately would nearly erase Robeson from the public consciousness. In the years that would follow, the City of Peekskill would embrace a more progressive and inclusive identity – but the wounds left behind, often intentionally buried and forgotten, would never be fully healed, or even recognized.

The Peekskill Riots, by documentarian Jon Scott Bennett, explores the events leading up to the 1949 riots, the people involved, the riots themselves, and the aftermath in a five-episode docu-series. Episode One, will introduce the story with a focus on the concerts’ headlining performer, Paul Robeson. Episode One, can be viewed in its entirety on Youtube and via But if you want the chance to meet Jon Scott Bennett in person, hear from the documentarian himself and ask questions, then head on over to the Field Library this Saturday, March 30 at 2:00 pm. The event is free and registration is not necessary. For more information contact Sarah Scott, local history librarian, with any questions at [email protected] or (914) 737-4390. 

John Scott Bennett

Documentarian Jon Scott Bennett has gained recognition for his previous films focusing on local history, including The Pound Ridge Massacre and The Leatherman: An American Vagabond. Jon, who recently earned a Bachelor of Arts in history, shares his passion for research and storytelling through documentary film.

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