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KinoSaito to have 3 new artist exhibitions to open the 2024 season


Not one, not two, but three new Spring 2024 solo exhibitions, a new outdoor installation, and a free opening reception will take place at KinoSaito on Saturday, March 9, from 4-6 pm. 

The series of solo shows are focused on the art of ceramics and includes Kikuo Saito’s Unraveling in Gallery 1, Alina Tenser’s Wrk Frm Hm in Gallery 2, and Bel Falleiros’ Navel-Knot // Root-Rise in the Theater Gallery. The outside exhibition space will be occupied with Ricardo de Oliveira’s As The Years Went On…(Woman’s Eye)

The opening reception and viewing of galleries are free of charge as long as you reserve your ticket in advance. Click here to RSVP and reserve a free ticket for the Spring 2024 Opening Reception.

Bel Falleiros: Navel-Knot // Root-Rise

The exhibition embraces the symbolic potential of the artist’s engagement with Earth-centered elements: fired terra cotta, plant and earth pigments, and sound that Falleiros incorporates into a series of works that celebrate the majesty and complexity of landforms and forests, and the continuity of water and life flowing through them. 

Bel Falleiros is a Brazilian artist whose practice focuses on place and belonging. Starting in her hometown of São Paulo, she has worked to understand how contemporary constructed landscapes (mis)represent the diverse layers of presence that constitute a place and how this affects its inhabitants. 

Bel Falleiros, Ripple Stories (Haverstraw), 2021. Video still


Alina Tenser: Wrk Frm Hm

Brooklyn-based artist Alina Tenser’s solo presentation, Wrk Frm Hm, is a selection of floor sculptures and wall mounted reliefs where a video accompanies the artists’ continued study of the domestic, the diagrammatic, and the social formation of the self, informed by her experience as an immigrant and parent. Tenser’s unassuming sculptural assemblages belie their depth, asking viewers to observe closely, recalibrate their thinking, and intuit more freely.

Alina Tenser is an Ukrainian born artist. Working across sculpture, performance, and video, she makes propositions that elicit physical activation, play, and transference. Utilizing industrial and domestic materials and processes she reimagines taken-for-granted social and material relations, mining the entanglements of her experiences. Tenser is currently an Assistant Professor at Lehigh University.

Alina Tenser, House/Xaoc, 2023. Vinyl, zipper, concrete, dimensions variable; when fully zipped up 9” x 65” x 12”


Kikuo Saito’s: Unraveling

An assembly of six canvases produced between 2009 and 2012 illuminates a period of swift transition in the figure/ground dynamics in Kikuo Saito’s paintings. In his Alphabet paintings, viewers will notice the letters and the fore and ground, almost disappearing. 

Kikuo Saito, Blue Snake, 2010. Oil on canvas, 48 1/2″x 67″


Ricardo de Oliveira: As The Years Went On… (Woman’s Eye)

As The Years Went On… (Woman’s Eye), 2023, installed at KinoSaito’s outdoor exhibition space, originates from a larger collection of black and white photographs taken by Ricardo de Oliveira, all featuring fragmented and cropped details, taken from the movie posters that line New York City subway stations. This series was compiled and realized as an artist book (As the years went on…), which is available to view and purchase in KinoSaito’s gift shop.

As The Years Went On… echoes the Romantic Brazilian Fotonovelas of the 1960s and 70s — a long forgotten popular genre format, known for urban narratives of passion, suspense, and greed. Featuring ambitious girls and handsome villains, the fotonovelas were easy entertainment reading, the perfect working-class palliative to help evade the harsh political days that hovered over the country through the two decades.

Ricardo de Oliveira is a Brazilian-born artist living and working in New York.

Ricardo de Oliveira, As The Years Went On… (Woman’s Eye), 2023, Digital print, 36 x 24 in


KinoSaito is a nonprofit center founded in 2018 and dedicated to the creation of abstract art. They are committed to nurturing art experimentation across all mediums and perpetuating the legacy of Japanese-American artist, Kikuo Saito (1939-2016). The center opened in 2021 upon renovation of the fromer St. Patrick’s Catholic School located in Verplanck, NY. Since opening, they have served an intergenerational audience of 3,500+ annually.


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