Planning Commission approves parking lot next to Pugsley Park

Three large building projects got the green light from members of Peekskill’s Planning Commission at Tuesday’s meeting held via Zoom. Board members approved a 31-space parking lot at 1028 Main Street, adjacent to Pugsley Park.  Members also gave final site plan approvals to a 51-unit market-rate condominium project on the corner of South and Grove streets. And a 22-unit building on the corner of S. Division and Second streets received approval. This project has retail space on the main floor and one and two-bedroom apartments on the second and third floors. All the units will be market rate rentals.  Developers from both housing projects pay the city $4500 per unit before building permits are issued. The Grove Street project will yield $229,500 while S.Division Street will net the city $99,000 in development fees.
After last week’s post about Cornelius Pugsley donating land to the city for a park that bears his name on Main Street, Frank Goderre called to say the reason Pugsley donated the land in 1931 was connected to the plan for a 5-story hotel to be built on the spot where Hudson Valley Healthcare Center is located today. The proposed hotel was going to be facing east, where there is a cut through today to the James Street parking ramp. According to Goderre, who was the city historian from 2014-2018, Pugsley wanted a pleasant place for patrons of the hotel to wait for their transportation. He thought a park would be better for patrons instead of curbside. The hotel was never constructed when the Depression decimated the economy.