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Small Business Saturday will Make You Merry

Peekskill Businesses & Restaurants join together to entice shoppers with freebies and discounts

After the turkey has been gobbled down, and the last bit of pie is still left on the plate, the big box stores start the never ending commercials for the next month. It is then that we finally begin to think about the hustle and bustle of the holidays and all of the gifts we need to buy. But why rush to the box stores and the computer to buy gifts?

SLOW down, take a deep breath, and hold the front door. WHY shop big retailers on Black Friday, when you can SHOP SMALL, buy much more unique and personalized gifts, AND HELP support small mom and pop businesses and help the local economy stay afloat. Instead of those big box stores and amazonian computer deals, help Peekskill businesses stay in business right here by shopping local, in Peekskill! Small businesses in Peekskill have unique offerings and are in need of our support.  This Small Business Saturday, shop local, and Peekskill will make you Merry.

Small Business Saturday is extremely impactful on local communities. Founded in 2010, Small Business Saturday was created to help small businesses gain exposure and to inspire consumers to shop within their own communities during the holiday season. It gives shoppers an opportunity to show support for local businesses. However, it is  important to remember that this event is designed to encourage people to shop small not only during the holidays but at any time of the year.

Shop at Peekskill’s bakeries, restaurants, coffee shops, boutique or neighborhood stores rather than shopping at a national chain. Shopping local matters because it affects the entire community. When more money is spent at local stores, more money stays within the community. According to Farm Bureau Financial Services, for every dollar spent at a small business, 67 cents stays within the local economy. In addition to helping schools and other organizations through taxes, small businesses are also often the organizations that support local sports teams, charities, events, newspapers, and organizations. Plus, local retailers are more likely to hire locally than retail chains, keeping jobs right here in Peekskill.1

This year over a dozen Peekskill small businesses have joined together to make shopping local even more appealing. This year freebies will be given out to every 10th customer who walks through the door. The hope is that by doing so, customers will walk through the door, look around, and hopefully find something unique, something appealing, something they can buy and walk away with and with a huge smile. Businesses currently involved in this program are the Blondery, The Lounge House, Yojary Nails, Division Street Guitars, Quirkshop, The Fern Tree, Bruised Apple, Stark Vintage, Peekskill Coffee House, 222 Much Swag, Bucko, Persephone’s Pearls, The Rift, Skinchanted Spa, Dylan’s Wine Cellar, and many other places including in the Flatiron Building. There are also many other businesses participating in other ways to help out their fellow small businesses. Restaurants such as The Central, Gleason’s Peekskill, Whiskey River, Birdsall House are participating throughout the entire weekend by taking 10% off an entire dine in check if  proof of receipt for shopping at one of the small businesses mentioned on Small Business Saturday. To find a comprehensive interactive list of businesses participating, click here. When in doubt, ask the business if they  are participating. It is not only encouraged, it is welcomed.

All the businesses ask is for folks to support them by buying a gift (and maybe bringing a friend to buy one too), leave a positive review, spread the word, and enjoy all the wonders the small businesses in Peekskill have to offer. To make the deal even sweeter, all parking in the downtown on the streets and public garages are free on the weekends and holidays. For those out of towners using public transportation, don’t stress, Peekskill’s downtown is a short 10 minute walk from the Peekskill train station up to the center of town. If you’d rather not break a sweat, grab one of the many taxis from the train station to the gazebo. From there, walk in any direction and enjoy the downtown. For more information about local Peekskill and the local businesses, visit Discover Peekskill. Shop Small. Think Local.


2023 Small Business Saturday Peekskill
2023 Small Business Saturday Peekskill




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